List Of Top 8 Yoga Poses To Improve Sex Life

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Yoga is amazing, it helps to find balance in the physical, mental and emotional sphere of your life, teaches you to focus on the moment, better understand and feel physically, spiritually and even sexually.

A 2016 scientific study showed that regular yoga practice improves some aspects of sexual function in women, including desire, arousal, orgasm and general satisfaction.

How exactly does yoga affect an intimate life?

- Allows to develop flexibility and maintain the body in good physical shape, which, in turn, increases self-esteem.

- Develops awareness and teaches to appreciate the present moment.

- Helps to cope with stress, insomnia, depression, fatigue, fills you with energy, increases the pleasure of life and relationships.

- It acquaints you with the most difficult parts of your anatomy, down to the intimate internal muscles (in yoga they are called bandhas, and we know them as Kegel muscles).

- Teaches you to love yourself and feel comfortable in your body, as a result, you are more likely to feel relaxed and confident in sexual relations.

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#1. Plank

#2. Bridge


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#3. Cobra Pose


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