Reasons why married men fall in love with other women

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Men and women are very different and they have different needs when it comes to relationships. This is why it can be difficult for women to understand why their husbands are unfaithful. Here are some of the most common reasons that men cheat:

#1. He is seeking friendship

Man look for female companions who understand them and listen to their problems without judging them. Often women start to nag their husbands when they get married. This makes men look for women who are more accepting of them.


#2. Men adore playing

Men are really just big kids and they love to act like they don’t have the responsibilities of marriage. They don’t like to feel tied down and they want to be with someone who still wants to be spontaneous with them.

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#3. He wants an independent woman

Men like to be around women who can look after themselves. They don’t want a woman who hangs on to them all the time.

#4. He wants a happy woman

Men want to feel like they make you happy. When he can do this for other women and doesn’t feel like he can do this for you they will seek other company.


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