The 15-Minute Total Body Workout At Home

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Do you want to have a fit and strong body? Do you have time for gym training routines? It is really difficult to find time for intense workout due to your busy schedule and never-ending work. Yes it is not easy but it is possible. What if we tell you that you could tone your body exercising just fifteen minutes a day? Do you think that is unbelievable?

We would like to show you total body workout which covers several exercises in fifteen minutes and targeted at multiple muscles groups. You can get washboard abs and well-defined legs and butt just by working out for a quarter of an hour a day!

That is why if you are short of time but you want quick results you should focus on the quality of each exercise. Before you start this workout you should have a warm-up to get your muscles loose. You may use a set of weights that is comfortable for you. Do not push too hard on yourself and watch your breath.

If you are looking for a short but intense total body workout that will hit every part of your body you need to perform this workout three times a week. It is time to forget gyms, expensive equipment and hours of exhausting fitness routines. By using these effective exercises you will get your body tip top in no time. So if you are interested in using this total body workout you should scroll down to see how to perform them correctly. Read it carefully in order to avoid injuries.

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#1. Spiderman Plank


#2. Pilates Swimming

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#3. Up Down Plank

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