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Doctors Think Teen Had Miscarriage After Mom Finds Her Covered in Blood, But She’d Already Given Birth

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El Paso Times

Pregnant teen Erica Gomez was inside her Texas home February 9 when she started to go into labor.

According to Fox 7, the 17-year-old gave birth to a baby girl inside her bathroom.

But instead of alerting her parents and getting medical attention, she allegedly orchestrated a brutal attack on the newborn.

Just after giving birth, police say Gomez killed the baby girl by stabbing her nine times, the New York Post reports.

She allegedly wrapped the lifeless newborn in a bathrobe and took her outside to a neighbor's shed, where she hid the child's lacerated body before returning to bed, according to court documents.

But as the teen slept, police said her mother noticed that she was bleeding and decided to take the teen to the hospital.

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