Girl's Reaction to Easter Bunny at Daycare Goes Viral— But Mom Had Said 'No' to Daycare Recording Her

Over Easter weekend, many joked about a viral video of an African American 2-year-old girl screaming in terror when the Easter Bunny entered her daycare classroom. The girl's terrified reaction quickly became a meme and GIF. It was picked up on Snapchat and eventually made its way to “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

People on social media thought the video was a hoot:

Where is that video of the little girl screaming for her life bc of the easter bunny dhdhks i nees a laugh — デイドリーム (@OMORll) April 1, 2018
Man that video of that little girl screaming and crying when that Easter bunny comes in the room has me weakkkkk 😭😭😭 — Ashley (@ashsoboujee) April 1, 2018
I know it was the Easter Bunny she was screaming at, but that little girls face is so funny. I crack up every time I see it. — T I N A 🌼 (@tinaalicia7070) April 4, 2018

One of the popular GIFs circulating the internet was “Donald Trump scares kids in classroom”:

But the girl's mother, Cassandra Bryson, is not laughing about it. She is outraged that the video was taken and posted without her permission by Around the World Learning Center in Kissimmee, Florida.

The mom said the original video, and others that follow, aren't funny:

“I’m just hurt that you can see the distress in her face and it’s bringing millions of people so much joy and laughter.”

Bryson told NBC that "the world now knows my daughter as the screaming African American baby.”

She said she explicitly denied the daycare authorization to record or photograph her daughter, but they recorded her anyway.


Bryson said she talked to the daycare owner in order to get answers:

“She stated she was sorry. I told her I signed a paper that I didn’t want my child photographed or videos taken of them. She was aware of that. She had it on file."

NBC reports that the daycare director apologized to the mom. Bryson has removed her daughter from Around the World Learning Center.

To warn other parents, Bryson gave the news station permission to post the video. The mom said that the incident should be an "eye-opener” to parents to review school media consent forms.