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Kim Kardashian Posts Photo at 'March for Our Lives.' But People Are Calling Her Out for Hypocrisy

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On March 24, millions of people across the United States gathered for the “March for Our Lives.”

The march was in protest of gun violence and was an attempt to get Congress to pass stricter gun laws in America.

Celebrities also came to protest, and Kim Kardashian, her husband, Kanye West, her father-in-law, and their daughter, North West were amongst those in the crowds.

Kim posted a photo of North on Kanye's shoulders at the “March for Our Lives” protest in Washington, D.C.:

She wrote:

What an amazing day yesterday to take my daughter to Washington D.C. to see our future leaders speak. Having my daughter march along-side her grandfather and parents was a day I hope she remembers forever. I know that the younger generation will vote to change these gun laws that so desperately need to be changed. Hearing these stories yesterday and meeting so many families affected by gun violence was heartbreaking and I hope when it comes time to vote we all step up and vote to protect our children.

The photo has garnered over 2.5 million “likes” thus far, but some of Kim's followers are calling her out for being a hypocrite.

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