Kim Zolciak Bought Kids 'Bulletproof Backpacks' After Shooting, But Now She's Arming Her Eldest Daughter

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and mother of six Kim Zolciak-Biermann is in hot water after fans called her out for being a “hypocritical” parent.

According to Us Weekly, the family gathered in Miami to celebrate daughter Brielle Biermann's 21st birthday on February 26.

The eldest Biermann daughter shared photos from the birthday party on her Snapchat, and fans are furious after she posted a photo of what her mother and stepfather gifted her.

Brielle Biermann Snapchat

According to People, the 21-year-old was given a rose gold handgun. In a Snapchat video, Brielle looked hesitant to touch the gun and said:

“I don’t want it! You bought me a handgun?”

Mom Kim responded by saying that she bought it because Brielle is moving out to live on her own and she could use the protection.

She said in a video obtained by TMZ:

“You’re moving out so it’s time to figure it out. … It’s not loaded. … It’s a special one for you, it’s rose gold."

Brielle seemed to warm up to the gift idea when she posted a photo of the gun to her Snapchat a short time later.

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