Runaway Teen Spotted on Plane. Passenger Thinks Man Next to Her Is Dad Until He Rubs Her Leg

The same day 16-year-old Amy Yu was reported as a runaway by her mom, WMFZ-TV is now revealing that she was seen with her friend's 45-year-old dad, Kevin Esterly, at the Philadelphia International Airport.

As Dearly reported earlier this week, the last time either Yu or Esterly were seen was the morning of March 5. They both took their passports with them before they disappeared, and Esterly withdrew $4,000 from his wife's account.

Yu and Esterly have known each other for the last couple of years. They met at their local church, before Yu befriended one of Esterly's four daughters. According to WFMZ-TV, Yu even went on vacations with the Esterly family.

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However, things began to go south when Yu's mother went to pick her daughter up from school on February 9, 2018, and was told by the school's front office that she had already been picked up by Esterly.

As far as the mother knew, Esterly wasn't listed as one of Yu's emergency contacts and questioned the office as to why they allowed her daughter to leave with him.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Esterly had taken Yu out of school 10 different times between November 2017 and February 2018. According to WFMZ-TV, it was Yu who changed her contact sheet, putting Esterly down as her stepfather.

Following multiple phone calls to the police in an attempt to keep the Esterly family away from her daughter, the mother also found text messages on Yu's phone that made it seem as though she and Esterly were in some sort of romantic relationship.

Now, there is not much Yu's mother can do but pray for her daughter's safe return.

According to WFMZ-TV, Yu and Esterly were spotted getting on a plane that was heading for Dallas, Texas. It is not clear if they had got on another plane since landing, or if the pair remains in the Dallas area.


Another passenger on the same flight, Frank Castorvinci, told WFMZ that he took notice of the couple, saying he first thought Esterly may have been Yu's adopted father:

“[I] just started thinking, 'I wonder if he adopted this young girl.'”

Castorvinci added that Esterly first appeared fatherly, but that quickly changed when he noticed Esterly's hand placement:

“But then I saw her leaning on him and what, you know, daughters do, but just the way he was rubbing her leg it just didn't seem like a father daughter situation.”

Authorities believe Esterly and Yu are keeping track of the different media reports regarding their disappearance. Castorvinci continued with a message for Esterly:

“I would tell him do the right thing, bring the daughter back to her mom. I mean what else is there to do there really is only one correct end to this.”

It's still unknown just how much Esterly's wife, Stacey, knew about his relationship with Yu. However, a source close to Stacey told WFMZ that she and their daughters are “in shock.”

Anyone with any information regarding Yu and Esterly's whereabouts is asked to called the police at 610-437-7751.