Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Pose in Bathing Suits For Vacation Photo. Now They’re Getting Body Shamed

It's only been a little over a month since country singer Tim McGraw collapsed on stage due to dehydration, but fans already have new concerns over his health.

Following the collapsing incident at the Country to Country Festival in Dublin, the 50-year-old said he'd “shorten [his] workouts.”

But now fans are worried that the country crooner and his wife, Faith Hill, are looking “too skinny.”

The concern started when McGraw posted a photo to Instagram of himself in a swimsuit, alongside his bikini-clad wife, as they relaxed on a trip to their “favorite place.”

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Tim McGraw/Instagram[/caption]

According to Country Living, the couple was likely enjoying some in the Bahamas, where they own a vacation home.

In the photo, McGraw seems to be enjoying some scenery as his wife leans over to kiss his forehead.

Many commenters were quick to body shame the duo for their weight. Some fans thought the couple looked “unhealthy” and others suggested in the comments that they should eat more.

Instagram users wrote:

Maybe they need to take a break and eat some potatoes, beans and cornbread. Something to stick to there ribs. Ribs, eat some of those too! Get some meat on your bones!  Looking anorexic!! You looked way hotter with meat on your bones.  They both look unhealthy...  You both need to gain some weight!!  Not rude just concerned. Understand your point — but ED is real and life threatening.... as is being too over weight too.  I've got to say Tim you look really bad. Are you ill?

However, some commenters were quick to jump to their defense.

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Tim McGraw/Instagram[/caption]

One fan wrote:

This couple is allowed to share what's important to them in here and don't deserve the negativity. Won't you all feel like jerks if there is a health issue??? I doubt there is because they are FIT...THEY WORKOUT. Maybe our society is so used to over weight acceptance that this looks unhealthy now..sad. Keep your harsh opinions to yourselves.

The couple has not publicly responded to any of the concern over their weight.