Here’s Why You Should Never Squish A Centipede In Your House

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It may go against every instinct you have for self-preservation, but you should never, ever, squish a centipede in your home. It’s difficult to resist the urge to scream, and then stomp on, the scuttling little monstrosity when it creeps across the bathroom floor.

We get it; centipedes are creepy. They are what nightmares are made of. They are disgusting, and they move really fast. Don’t even get us started on all those legs. Even those of you who are immune to shudder-inducing creepy crawlies like spiders and roaches may find themselves stopping in their tracks over the centipede.

There is nothing good about a creature who loves to hang out in your bathroom, lurking within your drains or worse, (if you are squeamish, skip to the next paragraph)… your toilet.

You need this thing gone, and now. Please, remove it from the most sacred of all private places with our blessing. But if you have the urge to stomp and squish, we implore you:

Resist. The. Urge. 😨😨😨


Here’s the reason why we are asking you to do the impossible: that centipede may be the only thing standing between you and a bathroom full of other creepy, crawling creatures.

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