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Abused Pit Bull puppies comfort each other in emergency vet waiting room!

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Chase, Haagen Dazs, and Klondike are 4-month-old Pit Bull puppies who have spent most of those short lives very, very sick.

So much so that their former owner — Brenda Bullock, of Washington, D.C. — has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty for not getting them treated.

Lisa LaFontaine, president and CEO of the Washington Humane Society/Washington Animal Rescue League said:

By the age of four months, Chase and his two siblings had experienced more suffering than any living being should be subjected to in a lifetime.

Cruelty to animals in any form can never be tolerated and the people of our community should know that we will relentlessly pursue those that commit these crimes.

When the dogs were given up to animal control officers in mid-April, they were brought to an emergency veterinarian for checkups, and documentation relating to a law enforcement investigation.

All three dogs were found to be suffering from severe mange — a preventable, treatable condition.

Chase was worse than the others. On top of the mange, his skin was badly infected, he was emaciated, had low blood sugar, low body temperature, and low blood protein. He was anemic and couldn’t walk without help.

“Chase was initially given a poor prognosis for survival, as the anemia and skin infections resulted in the puppy becoming septic

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