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Appeal For Missing Puppy On Social Media, Stolen And Held For Ransom?!

Stealing a dog is a terrible enough thing but to steal a dog and hold it for ransom, that is a really crazy thing. Well, here we have a case where this is what happened…

Holly Hill Police department with the Criminal Investigation Division got involved in this case and both worked closely together to solve this case.

They were very keen both to solve the case and to reunite the dog with the owner, she was really sad about losing her pet!

The investigators said that social media along with really good police work lead to someone being arrested for the crime…

The puppy called Zeus is back home, safe and sound, he was not to worse after his ordeal which stretched over five days.

When the pup made his disappearance on Thursday the family posted pictures on social media and, desperately seeking help to find him.

But the case was just that little bit more complicated, detectives told a neighbor that a guy called Thomas Flemming, had Zeus and wouldn’t return him to him owners unless they paid a ransom of $150!

Victoria Sochan, the owner said:

“I wanted my baby back! I was like, just give me my baby back!”

The police got involved and arranged for a parking lot meetup, the guy, Flemming came expecting to get his money, but he had a lovely surprise instead though, the police where waiting ready to catch him in the act!

Holly Hill Police Chief Steven Aldrich said:

“Instead of just doing the right thing and returning the dog, he was trying to profit from that trying to sell it back to them”

Flemming tried to tell the court, in tears, that it was all a misunderstanding and he was completely innocent of it all.

Flemming’s fiancée said that she bought the pup from someone who found him, the judge deemed Flemming fit to leave the court without paying a bond, but the owners of the pup really don’t believe them, at all.

The family is trying to get everyone who is a pet owner to get their pets chipped.

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