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Family Returns To Their Van Only To Discover A Skinny Abandoned Dog Sitting On The Seat!

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Sometimes in life, you get surprises, some better than others, and some just so far-fetched that u can hardly believe that it actually happened, well this doggie is one of these wow stories…

One morning on a fine day this woman saw a car pull up to her hubbies Van, she didn’t give it a lot of thought until it looked like someone was messing about going into the van on one side.

The person seemed to dive into the van on one side messing about with the front seat then quickly went again!

She was completely baffled, there was nothing to steal, but as it happens the person wasn’t making a withdrawal, but more like a deposit.

As she approached the van she was still very confused about what had happened until she opened the door and saw a doggie curled up on the front seat, alone and comfy!

The woman was even more confused, she had been given a dog, someone just put the poor doggie in a strangers van and drove off.

The abandoned dog was waiting for someone to step up and help him, his previous owner didn’t seem to be able to do it…

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