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Refusing to Give Up on a Lost Dog Too Exhausted to Move, Hikers Go MacGuyver !!!

When three hikers came across a Lost Dog in an Australian national park, they knew they had to save her.

But she was exhausted from trying to stay alive in deep water, and could no longer move.

The trio refused to give up on her, and after numerous attempts, finally figured out a clever way to get her out of the densely-packed forest.  But wait, this story gets even better

My husband and I took my dad to see some rock pools in a fairly secluded section of Mt Glorious National Park. As we walked along the creek bed. We noticed a disturbance in one of the deep pools ahead.

Thinking it might be a roo or a platypus, we approached quietly. Only to see this forlorn little face looking back. It was honestly the saddest sight.

We approached cautiously, not knowing whether this was a domesticated or wild dog. Either way, we couldn’t leave it there in the freezing water.

It was completely exhausted from its attempts to struggle out of the deep section it had fallen into, and there’s no way it would’ve survived the night.

We erred on the side of caution and armed ourselves with a BFS (big f*cking stick), just in case it wanted to defend itself when we pulled it out of the water.

We gently looped a rope around its head/shoulders, and with a slight struggle, dragged it out onto the rocks.

The dog wasn’t aggressive at all, and in fact very timidly lumbered away from us, up the bank and into the thick lantana beside the pool.

As it turned away from us, we saw that she was a desexed female – at some stage she must’ve been domesticated.

We figured if she’d been someone’s pet, there was a chance she had been dumped or lost. Even though she wasn’t interested in coming to us, we knew again that we couldn’t leave her there.

She was in a completely inhospitable section of bush, in a gully with cliff face and hectares of national park on one side, and a scrubby, rocky, unscaleable bank up to a busy road on the other.

There were also no houses within at least a 5KM radius, and no obvious way for her to make her own way out of the gully.

We saw her podgy little rump disappear into the lantana, giving us no other option than to wade in after her. Because the scrub was so thick we lost sight of her.

Occasionally we could hear her bashing her way up the bank, and eventually we spotted her around 10 meters up, laying low in the thick undergrowth.

We approached from 3 sides, to try to keep her from escaping again. When we crept up to her hiding spot, we saw that she’d made herself a little dugout in the bank. And she’d even made a tunnel through the lantana, down to the waterhole.

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