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14 Amazing Facts About Dogs To Make You Love Them Even More

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Here are the facts:

You know you love your dog and you know your dog loves you. Or if you have a cheeky dog, you know your dog tolerates you and expects food and walks at the appropriate times. You may think you’ve got a pretty good read on your dog and you think your dog understands you, but some incredible bonds connect us that you may not know about.

Here are 14 facts to make you love your dog even more:

1. Your scent calms your dog and lowers anxiety.

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Does your dog follow you around EVERYWHERE you go? That includes the bathroom … don’t they have strong noses? Are they really enjoying your company? We guess that the smell is worth it – your company is calming through thick and thin toilet paper.

2. Dogs curl up into donuts because it’s comfortable and secure. They also spin around to create a nest.

Instagram / @sailor.the.dachshund

Have you ever wondered why your dog takes what feels like years to get comfortable to sleep? You lay and wait for your dog to find the spot so you can finally get comfortable, but the spinning continues! Your little bundle of joy is sleeping like this to protect their vital organs! And you already know it’s adorable.

3. Dogs prefer to do their business in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field.

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It’s either winter time and you hop up and down to keep warm or it’s summer and sweat pours down your neck. Doesn’t your dog feel the same way? Now you know why it’s so important to find the right spot – the earth’s magnetic field. You can blame the earth. So for now,  this puppy might take a while to decide where to go, so it’s definitely a good idea to cover all ground!

4. Dogs get jealous.

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There’s a reason why whenever you seem to get closer to your partner, your dog sticks their nose right in between the two of you – the attention belongs to them! Doggies do not like to share.

5. Petting a dog can lower blood pressure.

Instagram / @acockernamedwinnie

Service dogs and therapy dogs exist for many reasons – petting a dog helps ease your anxiety and lower your blood pressure! Pets for everyone! Hold, coddle, and pet away! It’s good for your health. Go ahead and pet your dog, just be sure not to pet a service dog on the job without asking.

6. There’s a breed called Basenji that yodels.

Instagram / @basenji_nyc

If your passion is yodelling, we suggest getting a Basenji. You can have yodelling competitions with your pet and it will be all sorts of adorable.

7. Dogs’ noses are wet to absorb scent chemicals that they lick to taste and their sense of smell is 10000 times stronger than humans!

Instagram / @basenji_nyc

Yup, they definitely could smell when you passed gas … But like we said before, they still love you and ALL of your scents. This multipurpose nose remembers all kinds of scents!

8. Dalmatian puppies are born white.

Instagram / @dalmation_zara

Dalmatian puppies are the gifts that keep on giving – they continue to surprise you with a new spot as they get older! They will earn their spots as they grow!

9. Dogs have at least 18 muscles in their ears.

Instagram / @daphne.and.willow.corgis

The better to hear you with, my dear. They inherited these strong ear muscles from their ancestor, the wolf who may or may not have eaten Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. No grandmother eating from your pet, hopefully, they just use their strong ears to hear you come home!

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