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22 Unique Animals That You May Never See In Your Lifetime

Most people just love animals. I mean, if you’ve ever scrolled on Instagram, you’re probably well aware of that fact, since the platform has millions of posts per day of people’s cats, dogs, and other pets, as well as thousands of accounts dedicated to sharing the cutest, funniest animals the internet has to offer.

After all, there’s nothing better than sitting down after a long, draining day at work and watching funny puppy videos, am I right? But we often forget that the animal kingdom has so many truly unique creatures to offer, so we went ahead and rounded up 22 of our absolute favorites. From curly-haired horses to exotic Bengal cats, you won’t be able to get these one-of-a-kind critters out of your head!

Hm. I don’t think he’s ready for his closeup.

Check out those tiny little feathers around this bird’s eyes!

Okay….is this a duck or a rabbit?

This little guy has thumbs!

It’s not every day you see a curly-haired horse!

Look at how stunning this Bengal cat is.

Ah yes, the elusive dogflounder.

Bear cub or kitten? You decide.

You’re bound to be pretty when you disguise yourself as a flower!

This bunny’s ear game plays no games.

These danger noodles sure are pretty.

Half husky, half lab, all adorable.

Speaking of half and half, look at this beauty.

This white reindeer just walked straight out of a fairytale.

And this Rottweiler is following his lead!

Those eyes stare right into my soul.

This thing? Yeah, it’s definitely an alien.

He’s a true star!

This leggy feline has a modeling career in store.

There is no way this isn’t a Pokemon.

Heart eyes emoji, meet your match.

She may not look special, but this kitty is 100 human years old!

Aren’t they all so unique? Which one is your favorite? I personally love the danger noodles.

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