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9 Reasons Why Older Men Go For Younger Women

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OkCupid blogger, Christian Rudder, did a fascinating study in 2010. He used the data for men and women’s age preferences. Women’s desirability peaked at 21. Men not only state their age preferences; they’ll even reach out to women below this listed preference. In other words, men not only message women their age, but even younger, teenagers. Yuck, gross. Really guys?

Rudder’s article is interesting, but it doesn’t get into the exact reasons why men go for younger women. Here are nine reasons men like younger women backed up by science.

1. Men don’t find older women as attractive as younger women:

In her article, Rudder says the phrase “Many of you are probably scoffing at the idea that many 35  year-olds are as attractive as many 25 year-olds.” Really? Ten years adds new life experiences and age lines. So only a naive person would believe this dribble.

2. Older men are afraid of death:

Stacey London of “What Not To  Wear”fame said,  “Maybe there’s a fear of mortality when men watch women age, and that it’s just too much of a  mirror.” this is a nice way of saying women are immortal and unafraid of death.

3. Younger women make them live longer:

‘A study done by Sven Drefahl of the University of Stockholm found  that men (over fifty) with much younger spouses tended to live longer.’ This didn’t consider health, but hey, having a strong constitution involves many elements.

4. Younger women are more permissive:

I don’t really agree with this one.   the site “Meaww” suggested (with no  proof positive) that younger women can be “all right with things that older women would not be” and  that older men go for them to “achieve fantasies which they may not have lived with older women.”

5. “Older men need ego massages all the time. Younger girls are available to do that work”:

I think any woman of any age would find this offensive. To be seen by anyone as a source of ego-massage would make me personally kick him in his pompous ass with the pointed toe of my ego-tipped stiletto.

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