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Adopted Golden Refuses To Stop Holding Rescue Mom’s Hand On Way Home From Shelter

Dogs may not have the ability to speak to us directly but they certainly know how to get their points across, don’t they? Their ability to express themselves without actually speaking is unparalleled. Regan is an adopted golden retriever and when she was finally rescued, she was quick to show her appreciation. It took her no time at all to come up with the perfect way to do as well.

She was psyched to finally be out of the shelter and understandably so. She had already found a forever home but when her owner passed away, she was shipped off to a shelter where she would reside until someone new came along. When Kim first adopted her, it took the dog a while to decide to trust her. Poor Regan wanted to make sure that Kim had her best interests at heart before she could feel at ease.

It took three days for Kim to earn the trust of Regan. After 72 hours of constant love, attention and treats, Regan was finally ready to accept her new circumstances. Once the dog had warmed up to Kim, she decided to keep her until she could find a more permanent situation. In the meantime, Kim was more than happy to serve as a foster parent to the needy pup.

During the initial car ride home, Regan did the most incredible thing to indicate her trust in Kim. She spent the vast majority of the ride holding onto Kim’s hand! Have you ever heard of such of an adorable thing in all of your life? We certainly have not. Luckily for us, Kim took video of this awesome moment and uploaded it for all of her followers on Facebook.

Thanks to Kim, we are now able to appreciate this moment any time that we want. Even when Kim moved her hand away from the dog, Regan would make sure that she was still responsive. After everything that Regan has been through, we cannot say that we blame her for having this sort of mentality. Hopefully, she is able to find a brand new forever home soon enough.

In the meantime, she has definitely found herself an awesome foster mother to call her own. This is one story that needs to be shared with our closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. They are sure to appreciate the bond that has begun to form between Kim and her new pal Regan.

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