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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Illegitimate Son Is All Grown Up And Looks Just Like Him

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Joseph Baena is receiving a great deal of attention lately and there are some who may be wondering why he is becoming famous. All it takes is a closer look at the young man to figure out what all of the fuss is about. This is clearly Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and the two are dead ringers for one another. We actually thought that we were looking at a picture of young Ah-nuld initially.

Arnold had lived most of his life with the belief that he had four children, all of whom had been born legitimately. These four children were birthed by his wife, television personality Maria Shriver. All of this was thrown into question when Arnold had an affair with their housekeeper, who just so happens to be Joseph’s mother. The child was immediately viewed as Arnold’s dead ringer.

According to Arnold, he was completely unaware that he was the father of Joseph until the boy was at least seven years old. Shriver could not ignore the similarities either and finally confronted Arnold about the situation six years ago. He immediately confessed to the affair with the housekeeper. From there, Maria filed for divorce and moved out of the family’s home.

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