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Burned Baby Grows Up Haunted By Mysterious Nurse In Photo And Tracks Her Down 38 years Later

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When Amanda Scarpinati was just three months old, she fell onto a hot-steam humidifier. The accident caused her to suffer third-degree burns, for which she was treated at the Albany Medical Center in New York. One special nurse cared for her there as her burns healed, and in the decades since, she’s remained at the back of Scarpinati’s mind.

Throughout her life, Scarpinati held onto a set of black-and-white photos that had been printed in the hospital’s 1977 annual report — the year she’d been treated there as a baby. Pictured in the photos were a three-month-old Scarpinati being held by the young nurse with a kind face — the sweet lady who’d touched her life.

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