Cop Pulls Over Mom For Speeding, Sees A Note On The Ticket When She Gets Home

Ayla Hemeon, a mom from South Carolina, is no stranger to busy and hectic days. In fact, she was so caught up in the things she had to get done back in 2015 that she didn't realize she was speeding while driving with her daughter, Tara. But the officer on patrol in the area sure noticed "” and pulled her over accordingly.

Facebook / Ayla Dyer Hemeon

"I was headed to my parents' house with Tara to drop off a pumpkin we carved for them," Hemeon wrote on Facebook. "I was in a hurry because we had to get back home so Tara could finish her homework. I didn't realize I was going over the speed limit until I got pulled over."

Facebook / Ayla Dyer Hemeon

"The officer asked me if there was any lawful reason why I was speeding. I just shook my head and explained what I was doing "“ hurrying to drop off the pumpkin so we could get home and work on homework. He went back to his police car and I could see him busily writing my ticket." But little did she know she'd soon be crying happy tears because of the officer's kindness.

"When he came back he told me he was giving me a warning. With a huge sigh of relief, I thanked him and left. I gave the ticket to Tara and had her read it to me. Never expected it to say what it did. I can honestly say it made me tear up. This officer made my day."

Facebook / Ayla Dyer Hemeon

"Thanks for all that you do," the officer had written. "You could have spent Sunday alone, but you're spending it helping your parents and daughter. Have a good day."

A little kindness always goes a long way. Here's hoping Hemeon finds a way to pay it forward and make another person's day.

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