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Couple Loses Whopping 300 Pounds In One Year After Friends Don’t Recognize Them Anymore

Eli and Kelly Wenninger grew up having healthy, active lifestyles. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop them from forming bad habits in their later years and, as a result, packing on extra pounds.

Facebook / Eli Wenninger

They were both at a healthy weight when they got married, but when they exchanged nutritious foods and exercise for fast food and a sedentary lifestyle, the Oklahoma couple found themselves completely out of control. They got so out of shape that playing with their two children became an exhausting chore. They knew they needed to change.

Eli says his wake-up call came when he looked at a photo of himself, in which he weighed over 400 pounds. “I saw that and I was like oh man that’s not the person I want to be, that’s not who I want to be anymore,” he said.

Facebook / Eli Wenninger

Reality slapped Kelly hard in the face when she realized some people didn’t recognize her anymore. “That was really hard,” she explained. So in February 2017, they both decided to team up and shed the weight that’d been holding them back.

Eli and Kelly started out relatively small. First, they ate clean for about a month, adding simple exercises to their daily routines, then amping up the intensity as they began seeing results.

Facebook / Weighing In With The Wenninger’s

Over the course of a year, Eli lost an amazing 250 pounds. Kelly lost an additional 65 pounds, giving them a combined weight loss of over 300 pounds. Now playing with their kids is no problem — in fact, Eli says he and Kelly are the ones wearing their little ones out.

Facebook / Weighing In With The Wenninger’s

Now they’re sharing the knowledge and insight they’ve gained on their Facebook group, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys to better health. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for them, but there’s no question it was worth it!

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