Disfigured Veteran Says “Hi” To Five-Year-Old Girl, And Her Response Brings Millions To Tears

Simon Brown had served in the army as a dedicated soldier for 13 years when his life changed forever. In 2006, he was on a rescue mission in Iraq when he was shot in the face by an enemy sniper. Amazingly, he survived, but his injuries left him almost completely blind. He left the army and had to undergo 25 surgeries, during which his cheekbones and nose were reconstructed. His jaw was also broken and reshaped, and he was fitted with a prosthetic eye.

While his life would never be the same, Brown remained grateful he was still alive, though he had to relearn how to live as an independent adult. His confidence suffered — but the 38-year-old was all smiles when he got to meet a very special five-year-old.

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Since she was three years old, Temperance Pattinson has been helping charity organizations for war veterans. But it wasn’t until last year that she got to meet and talk with a real war hero — Brown himself.

As part of the Help for Heroes charity’s online series called “Facing It Together,” Pattinson got to sit face-to-face with Brown and hear his story. Then she got to tell him what inspired her to become involved with Help for Heroes, and how she participated in a triathlon, among other charity events.

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“Even though I didn’t know any of the soldiers, I just thought that they did something for us,” the little girl explained. “I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money. I’m quite proud of the soldiers.”

“I’m telling you now that the soldiers are also very proud of you,” Brown replied.

Watch their sweet interaction in the video below. It’s no wonder why their meeting went viral.

Facing it Together: Si and Tempy

She’s just five (and a half!) but H4H supporter, Tempy Pattinson, has a clear idea about what makes a hero. War Veteran, Si Brown, who was shot in the face by an Iraqi sniper, has a different kind of heroism in mind.See the unique bond between supporters and beneficiaries that's at the heart of everything we do. We’re #FacingitTogether

Posted by Help for Heroes Official on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pattinson is such a kind and thoughtful little girl. Thank you for your service, Brown — and thank you, Pattinson, for being such a caring individual.

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