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Doctors Treat 11-Year-Old For Flu And Dad Says She Is ‘Possessed By The Devil’ Days Later

There are all kinds of wild stories that come out of doctors’ offices, but this bizarre tale may be among the weirdest. As you well know, the U.S. is experiencing a heavy surge of flu cases in ERs across the country this year. Problematic for children and the elderly, it has people feeling a little on edge.

The flu can really take a toll on a child’s immune system, after all. But what one father claims happened to her daughter following a flu diagnosis and subsequent treatment seems too wacky to believe, but it’s real.

Charles Ellis of Beech Grove, Indiana, rushed his 11-year-old daughter to a nearby clinic with an extremely high fever. Lindsay was diagnosed with the flu and was placed on prescription medications, as per usual.

One of those medications was the popular antiviral flu drug Tamiflu.

After taking Tamiflu, Lindsay’s condition devolved into complete madness. At first, she could do nothing but lay there, zombie-like in the hospital bed.

Then things got worse. Lindsay then began to experience, in her father’s words, “the worst psychosis” he had ever seen. She was lashing out and behaving in such a way that it was almost as if she’d been possessed.

Horrifyingly, she was forced to stay in the hospital for three months because the reaction was so bad. Doctors ultimately figured out that she’d been having an awful adverse reaction to Tamiflu. Thankfully, she’s now okay.

The doctor on the case spoke to a local news station to assure parents that this severe of a side effect is extremely rare but still worth noting since it can lead to devastation, as Lindsay’s case proves.

Another case involved a different little girl who’d taken Tamiflu and then proceeded to try and hurt (or even kill) herself. Her mother found her just as she was about to jump out of her bedroom window and thankfully stopped her before things took a turn for the truly tragic.

One more heartbreaking case is that of one Indiana family who lost their son to suicide after he started taking Tamiflu to treat his flu symptoms. They have an important message to families which you can learn more about in the video below.

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