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Family Adopts 11-Year-Old Dog With Terminal Cancer And Helps Her Complete Bucket List

When I was a kid, I absolutely begged my parents for a puppy. At that age, I did not yet understand just how devastating life can be for shelter dogs or how many amazing dogs of all kinds need to be taken in by forever families. Although I hadn’t done my part to rescue an animal in need then, I definitely will in the future.

And one little girl by the name of Raven is inspiring me even more. When she went to the BARCS shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, with her mom, she made a request that surprised everyone. Instead of a puppy, the little one said she wanted to take home the oldest dog in the shelter.

Ending up in a shelter is often either a life sentence or a death sentence for senior dogs because they get overlooked by families as they pass right on by their kennels to look at younger, more energetic dogs. Even at a super young age, Raven understood the injustice in that and made up her mind to give an old dog the chance to spend the rest of its days in a loving home.

As they started looking at dogs, shelter workers took her over to meet an 11-year-old Staffordshire terrier by the name of Kaylee. It was love at first sight. They decided right then and there that they’d bring her home with them.

Sadly, not long after, they learned from the vet that Kaylee had terminal cancer and didn’t have much time left. Instead of putting her down, though, they figured out how to make Kaylee comfortable to let her life go out with a bang! They decided to spoil their beloved dog rotten before she passed on.

Mom and Raven even created a bucket list for Kaylee! “She had breakfast in bed, went for a hike, and went for ice cream,” the family wrote in a tribute video. Kaylee even won a $10,000 grant to give back to the shelter that brought her to Raven so that more dogs of all shapes and sizes could be placed in loving homes.

After seven incredible months together, Kaylee got to a point where she was in a lot of pain. They sadly had to euthanize her, but she was surrounded by the love she always deserved when that time came. Raven and Kaylee, ever the dynamic duo, finished their bucket list!

Check out the heartwarming tribute video the family made down below (and be sure to grab the tissues).

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