Family Kicked Off Disney Cruise By Armed Guard Because Of 22-Year-Old Mother’s Pregnant Belly

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The Disney brand is synonymous with being the happiest place on earth. The Jackson family from Missouri was looking forward to their Disney cruise. Ten family members flew to Miami and headed to the check-in desk to board the ship. Emily Jackson is 25 weeks pregnant; when she reached the desk, she was informed she couldn’t board.

Before leaving home, Emily did receive clearance from her physician, but Disney has a policy that doesn’t allow for women more than 24 weeks pregnant to participate in a cruise.

Emily took issue with how the company handled the situation. She posted a video on YouTube detailing how her family, which included her father and two children under the age of two, were told to wait outside for their luggage to be removed from the ship.

What alarmed her the most was how an armed guard carrying what looked to be an AR-15 was sent to escort them from the area.

“They sent out guys with AR-15s when my dad was talking to them about not being able to get on,”  Emily Jackson says in her uploaded video, “All he said to them was ‘Can we hurry up?’ and they sent  out AR-15 guys.”

Emily posted a second video the next day where she continued to vent her frustration. She said, “the fact that they felt they needed AR-15s to escort us out when they knew we had no weapons because we had been  through security.”

She told Cosmopolitan, “In today’s world with so many shootings, it’s like  [unnerving] to have a guy with a big gun standing next to your kids, especially when you don’t know their intentions or what’s going on.”

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