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Firefighters Give The Sweetest Goodbye To Their Beloved Station Dog

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For more than ten years, firefighters at the  Iquique Fire Department in Chile have spent their work days with a furry friend named Negro — the department’s resident station dog. After being dispatched on long, often dangerous calls, they always had his sweet face to look forward to when they got back. But on March 6, at the ripe old age of 14, Negro passed away, leaving a hole in the hearts of everyone who knew him.

Facebook / Cuerpo de Bomberos de Iquique

“This afternoon, one from our ranks left the earth — our four-legged firefighter,” the fire department wrote. “Thank you very much for all the years you’ve been with us. We’ll remember you forever.”

Facebook / Cuerpo de Bomberos de Iquique

Words can’t adequately express how much Negro meant to the firefighters he worked with, but how they decided to honor their companion says it all. After his death, Negro was named an “honorary firefighter” and given an honor guard funeral.

Facebook / Cuerpo de Bomberos de Iquique

“Negro was one of us, one of this family. He was respected, loved,” Fire Captain Jorge Tapia told

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