Here’s Why April Fools’ Fake Pregnancy Jokes Aren’t Funny

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April 1st is around the corner. While most play harmless pranks on friends and loved ones, Kayla Lee Welch from Birmingham, Alabama is spreading the word about how it’s not cool or funny to joke about being pregnant. For Kayla, the pain of losing a child is all too real. Having a baby isn’t something one should take lightly.

“A week ago today I started spotting. I convinced myself it was normal because I did it with Keegan.  This time it wasn’t.

“I avoid laying down to go to sleep because as soon as I hit the bed, I’m alone with all of my thoughts. My brain has finally stopped distracting itself from the one thing breaking my heart. And all I can do is cry. My eyes are so swollen and dark it looks like more than just my heart is broken.

“Crying so hard that you go numb and feel nothing anymore. Being so angry and upset at everything but not being able to explain why. Trying to be happy that your baby never knew anything other than love. And missing someone so dearly that you never even met. It’s a pain no one can describe.  Because how can you properly grieve someone you never got to meet?

“Please think twice before you post that April Fools’ joke. Because what’s funny for a second in  your eyes crushes someone else’s heart for eternity.”

A year after that heartwrenching post, Kayla discovered she was expecting her rainbow baby. She wrote an update, recalling that devastation and pain she experienced when she learned she was miscarrying. She simply wished to reinforce that pregnancy is no laughing matter.

“One year ago today I was in a car dealership picking out my ‘mom mobile.’ I was so happy I  couldn’t believe it! As I was waiting, I went to the bathroom to see blood. My happiness quickly faded, my heart shattered right there.

“I tried convincing myself as I sat there crying, calling my doctor, that it was going to be okay. I  bled with Keegan for months. I was so sure it was gonna be the same. But deep down I felt it in my soul; my baby wasn’t OK.

“I remember every haunting detail of that day. I remember trying my best for the next hour to pretend it wasn’t happening, trying my best to not just scream. I just wanted to be home. I remember praying over and over again begging God, ‘Please don’t take my baby.’ But he did. He took my baby. And that is OK.

My heart felt like it could never be okay again.

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