Parents Spend 14 Years Blaming Their Son For Grandfather’s Death, Then He Reveals A Big Secret

Our parents are supposed to be the people who comfort and care for us the most, but sadly, not all mothers and fathers treat their child with the love and compassion they deserve. For one young man, his parents went as far as to blame him for his grandfather’s death, and they’ve continued doing so for the past 14 years. While they should have never blamed him in the first place, there’s one key piece of information the now 28-year-old has been keeping from them regarding his grandfather — one that would probably change their minds in an instant.

However, this burden is something the man will likely choose to carry the rest of his life. But feeling the need to tell somebody about what he knew, he decided to share the information anonymously online. Read what he has to reveal about his grandfather’s death below:

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“My parents blamed me for my grandfather’s death because “I wasn’t watching after him when he died and didn’t try to save him,'” he wrote. I was in my mid teens and my grandpa had already been revived by EMTs multiple times and been to the hospital more time than I can count. He was a survivor of Polio, and many other hardships. He was tired of living. But more so, he was tired of waking up in a hospital with a breathing tube down his throat.”

“One day, he called me over to his bedroom and handed me a piece of paper. He told me that it was a legal document that told EMTs and hospitals to not try to save his life. He told me that he could trust anyone in my family with his life, but I was the only one he could trust with his death.”

“A few days later, he called me again and told me he was having troubles. I sat with him while he had a massive heart attack, and I held him there in bed so he wouldn’t struggle and fall out. After his eyes glazed over and he stopped gasping for air, I picked him up and set him on the ground and sat there and watched him for a while. About an hour later once he’d lost all color, I called 911 to report his death.”

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“My parents arrived home just minutes after the EMTs arrived, and I never called them because it would indicate to them what my grandpa and I had schemed.”

The man knew commenters would have a lot of questions regarding the situation, so he followed his story up with more details:

“I have 3 other siblings. The only people who understood the situation was myself and my grandpa. We knew that when we both agreed. Nobody else would understand. Nobody but me would ever accept a person wanting to die. That’s why he chose me.”

“It’s funny. He wasn’t religious. Him and I weren’t. The rest of the family was. He thought that all that awaited him was silence and darkness. And that’s all he wanted. He didn’t care about meeting loved ones. He didn’t care about a storybook ending. He just wanted peace and quiet.”

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When asked how he was coping with what happened, he had this to say: “It was so long ago that I’ve had time to cope and think about what happened and how it changed me. I’m comfortable speaking about it now. Just because I talk about it without outward remorse doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just means I’ve accepted it.” His parents still don’t know what he did.

Many called him a hero for honoring his grandfather’s wishes.

“Being a hero doesn’t always come with medals and hugs. You did the right thing for a loved member of your family. I salute you,” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, “As a nurse who works cardiac ICU, well done. Seriously. With a DNR what you did was legal, right and what he wanted.”

“Everyone deserves to die with dignity,” another added.

What a brave and kind thing he did for his grandfather. I, for one, wholeheartedly agree that he did the right thing.

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