She Takes One Look At Stranger And Knows Something’s Wrong. Decides Not To Board The Plane

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During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, most people feel inconvenienced to have their flight delayed. They want to arrive at their destination to see relatives and friends without delay. One woman named Shaina Murry purposely switched her flight to help a total stranger in distress.

Shaina is surprised by how much attention her good deed has garnered, but she shouldn’t be. Her actions were selfless and kind and aided a young man with autism when he needed help most.

Shaina was on the phone while searching for her gate at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. She glimpsed a young man lying on the terminal floor. Deeply alarmed, she couldn’t just pass by and leave him there. She had to see how she could help him.

“It was clear something was wrong, I just didn’t know what. It seemed best after asking him a few  questions to call for medical assistance.”

After talking with the young stranger for a few minutes, Shaina learned his name was Will. She suspected he was autistic. Within those brief minutes, Will stole a piece of her heart; this changed her approach to caring for him.

While they waited for medical staff to arrive, Will expressed to her he was afraid he was going to miss his flight. Knowing she needed to keep Will calm, Shaina called his mother. She conveyed to the woman how he wasn’t feeling well and that the medical team was on their way to examine him..

With Will’s mother on the phone speaking through Shaina, it was determined Will needed a bite to eat and something to drink. Shaina was more than happy to help as she shared in her Facebook post. “They were worried he would get sick again and didn’t know if he should fly.”

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