Siblings Live In Old Mansion For 70 Years And Then A Stranger Goes Inside To Find It Untouched

Sometime during the late 1930s, siblings Jack and Audrey Newton moved into a Queen Anne style farmhouse with their parents in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire. There they remained for decades, long after their mother and father passed away.

The brother and sister, whom many called eccentric, lived together at Grange Farm for the majority of their lives, where they farmed the land surrounding the nine-bedroom house for over 70 years. There they also raised livestock, including pigs and cattle.

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In 2011, Audry passed away in her late 80s. Jack died about four years later in March 2015. Because neither of the two ever married or had children, there were no living relatives to inherit their estate. That’s why the farm, along with the contents of the house and everything that came with it, was scheduled to be auctioned off a few months after Jack’s death.

When auctioneers first set foot inside the old farmhouse, they were amazed by what they saw. Jack and Audrey had kept the interior exactly the same as it had been since their parents lived there the 1940s. It was as if the newcomers were stepping straight into the past through Jack and Audrey’s very own time capsule.

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The house had been filled with more than 500 items belonging to another era, including a wartime amputation kit, an old-style television, musical sheets, dolls, and instruments from the 1920s.

YouTube / SWNS TV

Check out all the beautiful and priceless treasures found at Grange Farm in the video below. It’s as if they’re frozen in time, waiting for the long-gone Newton family to return.

What a stunning piece of history. It’s a shame about the auction, though. Personally, I would have loved to see it preserved as a museum. Something tells me Jack and Audrey would have preferred it that way as well.

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