Swedish Model Showcases The Stunning 3.5 Foot Legs Legs Kids Used To Tease Her About

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As a kid, you were probably picked on for something. It seems like kids from elementary all the way up to high school get great joy out of making people feel bad for things they have no control over, whether that be their family’s financial status or their appearance.

It’s a cruel practice that can have long-term effects on the victim of the bullying. In order to make themselves feel better, bullies pick on other kids. It’s a sad cycle, really. One woman who knows a thing or two about being bullied in their formative years is Ia Ostergren.

As a kid, she was bullied for her super long legs. As of now, her legs are 40 inches long, which is super impressive! Needless to say, her long limbs have always stood out. For that reason, she was taunted endlessly.

Fortunately for her, though, the beauty has since turned the trait that led to so much harassment into a successful modeling career. And that makes sense, since she’s stunning.

While she was always bullied, she never let haters’ comments get to her as far as self-esteem goes. According to her Instagram, she has “always” loved her body. As she should!

Along with modeling, Ostergren is heavily into fitness. She spends a ton of time working on her physique at the gym, focusing on weights. She also eats a healthy, high-protein diet to maintain her body.

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