TV Reporter Paints His Skin Every Morning So He Isn’t A Distraction To Viewers

While most of us would like to believe that we are able to avoid the temptation of judging books by their cover, we tend to be more hung up on personal appearance than we realize. Everyone fights their own personal battle with superficiality whether they are readily aware of it or not. For many of us, this battle can manifest itself when it comes to our own appearance.

This man in this story is certainly no different. Lee Thomas is a television reporter who has taken home Emmys for his past work. He works as an entertainment reporter for FOX’s Detroit affiliate. Every day, he also fights a completely different battle that few of us could ever comprehend. He struggles with a skin condition called vitiligo and this condition is causing him to lose his natural pigmentation.

At first, Lee was completely unaware of his condition. It was not until a barber discovered a patch of light skin on the back of his head during a routine haircut that he realized the truth. His mother thought that the patch had been created by stress and this caused him to breathe a sigh of relief initially. It was not long before more spots began to materialize.

Doctors told him that his skin was going to change color and that there was no cure for the condition. In Lee’s mind, his career would be over. After awhile, he knew that he could not allow his dream to die so easily. He was going to stand up and fight for what was his. He had invested too much time and energy into his career to give up now.

Lee also knew that people everywhere were counting on him. He was not the only one who had invested themselves in his career. The truth was revealed to his audience but Lee also chose to cover up while he was on the air. He does not want his condition to distract anyone from what he has to say. Lee is sure to place his condition on prominent display each year for World Vitiligo Day, though.

Thanks to Lee’s forthcoming nature, those who experience this disorder are finally receiving the assistance that they need.

We hope that this story can provide some well deserved inspiration for all those out there who are living with this common skin condition each day. Please share this story with your friends and loved ones today.

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