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Woman Is 4 Inches Away From World Record For Biggest Hips, Says She Has No Plans To Stop

“I want to be known for something, and if it means having the world’s biggest hips, then that’s what I want.” Those are Bobbi-Jo Westley’s words to Barcroft Media explaining why she’s prepared to risk her life to break one seriously odd world record.

After all, people do all kinds of crazy, death-defying stunts to break records. Some hold their breath for shocking lengths of time, others are prepared to light themselves on fire and jump from insane heights. But for Bobbi-Jo, there’s no “what if” when it comes to her making it out of this alive and well if she doesn’t make a change soon. What she’s working to do will absolutely kill her if she doesn’t change course.

As of right now, Bobbi-Jo’s hips measure in at 95 inches, but the world record, held by someone in Los Angeles, is 99 inches. Despite what doctors and trainers have said to her over the years, she is determined to eat until she reaches her goal.

According to the National Institute of Health, more than one in three adults in the U.S. is considered overweight and two in three struggle with obesity. Obesity, as we know, brings with it a whole host of risks, including heart disease, joint deterioration, lymphatic issues, cardiac arrest, diabetes, and lung problems.

And Bobbi-Jo’s heard it all before from doctors, loved ones, trainers, and nutritionists. One trainer recently stated that she’s a “ticking time bomb” and that this obsession with having the world’s biggest hips is the one thing in her life she can control.

Despite those warnings, however, the woman is determined to beat her Los Angeles rival and will do, and eat, whatever it takes to get there. For her, the love she gets on social media and the prospect of securing her spot in the Guinness Book of World Records makes it all worth it in the end. To learn more about Bobbi-Jo Westley’s plan to come out on top of this record, check out the video below.

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