Woman Left Humiliated After Waterpark Kicked Her Out For Wearing ‘Distracting’ Bikini

At this point, women and girls’ bodies and clothing choices are policed by business owners and schools more heavily than guns are policed and regulated in schools. Little girls are told from childhood that their bodies are inherently shameful and “distracting” and that they should be covered up at all costs. It’s something that happens across cultures to varying degrees.

One victim of that sort of policing is Madelyn Shaeffer, who was kicked out of a water park — a place where one ostensibly should be able to get away with wearing a bathing suit — for a two-piece swimsuit that park workers deemed “inappropriate.”

Madeline was looking amazing at the water park in her bikini when two teenage employees told her she had to cover up. She was flabbergasted and asked to speak to the manager.

She’d just lost 100 pounds and was feeling great about her body (as she should. You go, girl!). She assumed the whole thing would be sorted out when the manager approached.

Sadly, she was mistaken. The manager told her the same thing the younger girls did, which disappointed and embarrassed Madeline who was just there to beat the heat and have some fun like everyone else.

“There’s, you know, 16 and 18-year-old girls wearing just the same amount and no one’s criticizing them or making them feel ashamed or making them feel uncomfortable in their bodies. It’s summertime. It’s a swimming pool. I’m wearing a swimming suit,” she explained to KSHB Kansas City.

She had just as much right to be there enjoying a nice summer day in her bikini as anyone else. If she were a super thin teenage girl and not a curvy woman, they probably would’ve been singing a different tune. Learn more about the story and hear from Madeline herself in the video below.

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