Blind Veteran Thinks Waiter Is Acting Strange. When He Realizes What’s Going On Breaks Down Sobbing

After this blind World War II veteran lost his older sister, his family gathered around him to try to cheer him up. They took him out for what he thought would just be breakfast, but it turned out to be so much more.

As they sat at the table, a young man came up and served them coffee. Then he asked if they knew what they wanted to eat.

When the elderly gentleman told the waiter they had already ordered, the young man asked him a question that caught him off-guard:

“You got room for one more?”

The veteran told him he would let him know, obviously wanting to get back to his time with his family. But the waiter kept at him.

“You don’t recognize me?” he asked.

The elderly man explained he was legally blind, so he couldn’t actually see the waiter.

Undeterred, the waiter kept at him, and that’s when the man realized who he was talking to.

The “waiter” was actually the veteran’s grandson! He had moved from Wisconsin to Florida so they didn’t see each other very often, but they still talked every day.

When his great-aunt passed away, the young man knew he needed to go up and be with his grandfather, and he decided to make it a big surprise.

“My whole life I’ve been extremely close with my Grandpa as he is the only male role model that I’ve had,” the young man explained.

He said he knew his grandfather would be happy to see him, but he was surprised by his emotional response.

“This is the first time that I have ever witnessed him show emotion,” he said.

It’s clear these two have a sweet and very special relationship. How touching that this young man would fly up to surprise his grandfather and bring him joy and comfort in the midst of a difficult time!

This is the kind of thing we need to see more of!

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