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College Girl Abducted At Gunpoint, Then Remembers Life-Saving Tip Mom Gave Her Years Ago

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It was the most terrifying moment of her life.

Twenty-year-old Jordan Dinsmore had driven home from a late shift at Buffalo Wild Wings and had just parked at her apartment complex when three young men jumped out from behind some nearby trees. They had a gun.

The men forced Jordan to the ground and took her purse and phone. They threatened to shoot her if she screamed.

She hoped they would just take her things and leave, but then the situation got worse. The men forced Jordan to unlock her car and then motioned for her to get in the back.

“I was pleading with them to just take my stuff and let me go, but they said that I had to come with them,” she said.

When the attackers realized Jordan’s 2009 Scion had a manual transmission that none of them knew how to drive, one ran away, but the others told her to get in the driver’s seat.

Little did she know this would prove to be her saving grace.

The young men told her to drive them to a nearby ATM. She didn’t pull up close enough to the machine, so she had to take her seatbelt off to reach it. She decided not to put it back on.

Jordan withdrew the maximum amount of $300, hoping that would placate her abductors, but they then told her to drive to their “auntie’s” house. There, they said, one of their friends was going to rape her.

Terrified, Jordan tried to figure out how to escape this nightmare. She thought back to something her mom, herself a survivor of attempted assault, had told her years ago.

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