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Girl With Dwarfism Rolls Up To Sing Anthem, Says 4 Words That Leave Entire Stadium In Tears

If anyone had an excuse to sit around and feel sorry for themselves, it’s Grace Anna. The young Kentucky girl was born with a rare type of dwarfism called Conradi-Hünermann syndrome which is characterized by skeletal malformations, skin abnormalities, cataracts and short stature

In her short life, she has undergone many surgeries and endured horrible pain, but she has never let that steal her joy or make her bitter.

Ever since she was 18 months old, Grace Anna has loved to sing. She uses that passion to bring smiles and joy to everyone she comes across.

Recently, Grace Anna was asked to sing the “National Anthem” before a local basketball game. The sweet young girl rolled her chair up to the microphone and belted out a soulful and patriotic rendition of the anthem.

Her performance came right in the wake of Fergie’s “Anthem” scandal at the NBA All-Star Game. The singer was widely ridiculed for her less-than-traditional rendition of the patriotic tune.

When Grace Anna’s mom posted a video of her daughter’s performance, she took a jab at the professional, writing, “this is how it’s done Fergie.”

But when Grace Anna found out about it, she taught her mom a simple, but beautiful lesson in human kindness and compassion.

“Momma, she’s beautiful and she sang it amazing. People shouldn’t tell her she did an awful job.” Grace Anna said, “That’s just not nice.”

We often forget that the celebrities we see on the news and in magazines are people too – people with real feelings and emotions that can get just as hurt as we can.

Grace Anna’s kindness and grace toward the singer are a beautiful reminder to all of us to treat others the same way we would like to be treated, even if those “others” are celebrities or strangers.

“I immediately felt a very, heavy heart,” Grace Anna’s mom said when she heard her sweet daughter’s wise words. “What a big lesson from such a sweet, tiny warrior.

“Here she was singing tonight, with all her heart, hoping to make America and Fergie proud.”

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