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G’ma With 3 Wks To Live Wants To Meet Granddaughter Has Once-In-A-Lifetime Photoshoot

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Seventy-five years. That’s how long Jean Roper has been married to the love of her life.

The lovebirds are now in their 90s, but the love they have for each other is stronger and more pure than it ever was.

Together they raised three strong, godly boys, instilling in them the value of a hard day’s work and the importance of family.

But after 75 years, bodies don’t work like they used to. Jean’s body began showing signs of renal failure. When she went to see the doctor, she was told she had just three weeks to live.

“When my family heard this, we prayed harder than we ever have before,” said one of the couple’s seven great-grandchildren, Kayla Tracy.

Kayla’s sister, who was pregnant at the time, decided to quit her job so she could care for her great-grandmother in her final days. Every day Jean would tell her, “I just want to live long enough to see that baby girl.”

Little Magnolia Jean was born at 36-weeks. When Jean heard she had arrived – and that the baby had been named for her – she was so excited. She couldn’t wait to meet her little namesake!

Kayla, a photographer, gathered with the family so she could document Jean meeting her 11th great-great-grandchild.

The moment Jean held little Magnolia in her arms it was love at first sight.

But more than that, it was a miracle.

After meeting Magnolia, something in Jean “flipped.” She started to get stronger and quickly outlived the doctors’ expectations.

On March 5, 2018, nine weeks after doctors gave her three weeks to live, she got to celebrate the 75th anniversary of her marriage to her beloved.

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