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Man Rescues Dog Pushed Out Of Car. When He Looks In Backseat He Can’t Believe His Eyes

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could treat an innocent animal cruelly, especially a pet. They have been nothing but loyal and loving and they deserve to be shown the same in return.

Unfortunately, some people don’t see it that way. They only want to keep the animal around as long as they are “useful.” Once they become a burden, these people want to wash their hands of them.

That’s what happened to a sweet dog named Coralina. Believed to be about 8-10 years old, she was heartlessly pushed out of a car in rural Kentucky and left to fend for herself on the side of the road.

Not only was she getting up there in years, Coralina was also pregnant. How heartless can a person be?!

Thankfully, Coralina was found and rescued, but she was taken to a shelter where she faced euthanasia if she wasn’t adopted soon.

That’s when 69-year-old Art Shaul heard her sad story. Art has been an animal lover his whole life and has been on a mission to rescue homeless dogs ever since he watched a dog die in his arms as a child.

“When I was a little kid, I had a dog die in my arms after it got hit by a car,” he explained. “That’s what got me going.”

The shelter was hundreds of miles away, but that didn’t deter Art. He jumped in his car and began the long drive up to get Coralina.

He made a comfortable place in the back of his car and put Coralina in there for the long journey home. Little did he know their adventure was just beginning!

As they crossed over the Florida state line, Art looked back and realized Coralina was going into labor. Soon, her first puppy was born.

“I was scared and thrilled at the same time,” Art said of the surprise birth.

Though the back of a car is not the ideal place to give birth, Art made do with what he had.

“We had a knife and had to use that to cut the umbilical cords,” he said.

Coralina ended up giving birth to six healthy, adorable puppies. Amazingly, Art was able to find loving homes for all of the puppies and Coralina!

“Coralina will be spoiled rotten,” he said. “And after what happened to her, she deserves it.”

It is heartbreaking that some people view animals as disposable, but we are thankful for people like Art who give them the chance for a loving home and a better life – just like they deserve!

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