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Mom Learns Sons Are Being Bullies On Bus, Teaches Them Lesson They’ll Never Forget

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It seems bullying has become an epidemic in our society. No matter how many stories are shared or steps are taken, people continue to show unkindness and cruelty to their fellow man.

Where does this problem stem from? Some blame entertainment or the internet while others put the blame on parents for not teaching their children better. Truthfully, it’s probably a combination of things.

Thankfully, some parents are taking a stand against bullying with their own children, and they are not afraid to take drastic measures!

Recently, we shared the story of a dad who made his son run to school after he got kicked off the school bus for bullying. After posting a video of himself following his son in his car, his creative disciplinary measures were praised by thousands who were happy to see at least one parent taking action.

Well, it turns out this dad wasn’t the only parent who got creative with their punishment.

When Jenn Brown got a call from her sons’ elementary school letting her know both of her boys had been misbehaving and being rude to their bus driver, she wasn’t about to let them get away with it.

The next morning, Jenn woke her boys up early and told them to bundle up. Then, after handing them a sign that read, “BEING BAD AND RUDE TO OUR BUS DRIVER! MOM’S MAKIN US WALK,” they hit the road.

Jenn made the boys carry the sign for the entire four and a half mile walk to school.

“To show them what everyday [sic] will be like for them when they get kicked off the bus!” she said

Being seen by all of the passing cars was embarrassing enough for the boys, but it got even worse for them when the bus driver they had been tormenting drove by.

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