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Bill To Force New Pet Stores To Sell Only Rescue Animals Passes N.J. Senate

The New Jersey Senate approved a law proposal that says only dogs and cats from shelters as well as the rest animal rescue organizations should be sold in new pet stores. The Record passed by a twenty-seven to eight vote, and it was sponsored by Sen. Raymond Lesniak.

Furthermore, the ASPCA filed more than two hundred charges against LoSacco. The police from Paramus found sixty-seven puppies staying in one van that was next to that store on a very cold day.

According to the authorities, Rocco Garruto Jr., the owner of the store Fancy Pups tried to sell dogs in an illegal way, and also, he sold puppies that were not healthy. Lesniak said that the cruel conditions have left many pets to suffer from mistreatment and neglect.

Moreover, the CEO of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, M. Bober said that even though the law proposal is good, it does bad things.

Also, Bober explained that people will find it difficult to open pet stores, and it makes the pet protection law weak. The council explains that finding a perfect companion for certain circumstances is what makes a responsible pet ownership.

Even though current pet stores may continue working under the signage, warranty regulations, and set of sourcing, the new stores would be prohibited.

They will have to supply warranties on animals from unknown origins. This removes current protections and limits choice one can make for a pet, so it is not that good for New Jersey.

This measure would apply to any new store. As well, it would forbid shelters, rescue organizations, and pounds to buy animals from brokers or breeders. And, it requires the rescue organizations to have a license.

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