Here’s How to Know If Someone Is ‘Stalking’ You on Facebook

Do you think that someone goes to your profile and looks at your pictures? Do you want to know if someone stalks your Facebook? Of course, you want to know, who doesn’t. What you need to do is to go to your Facebook account.

Next you need to look at the 9 Facebook friends who show up in the grid to the left of the timeline. If you think that this is sorted randomly, you are wrong.

These friends appear based on the following criteria –friends who have visited your profile, friends you have messages recently, friends whose profile you have gone to, friends who have liked or written on your wall.

Therefore, in case your ex-shows up on that grid, and you are sure that you haven’t talked for years, then you should know that they have stalked your profile.

However, you should know that stalking has come to its end, even for you. Why? Since once people know this, that means that is quite possible for your picture to pop in someone’s grid.

And you don’t want to be there right? No one wants to be known as the stalker who sits on someone’s profile for hours. And before it was easy and simple. Do you know the ode to Facebook stalking? Read it below.

Ode to Facebook Stalking

1. One Group Picture Is Enough to Find the Boy You Saw at the Party

You could easily find the cute guy in a group photo. All you needed to do is go through your friend’s pictures to find a photo of them together, and not only would you know his name but you would also have his profile.

Also, this was possible if they had old albums which aren’t private. Moreover, before people used to write on other people’s profiles, i.e., walls and it was easier to spot them.

But now no one does that. Well, just your aunt who greets you from time to time.

2. Poking Was In

Who remembers poking? Well, we must admit that it used to be cool for like 6 months. It was similar to the matching on Tinder, but here it was different since you saw the person on a daily basis for example, at classes, etc.

Now if someone pokes you, the first thing that comes to your mind is that they are idiots. Although we used to do the same.

3. By How People Write You Learn About Their Grammar and Personality

Do you remember the frequent notifications such as “Amy wrote on Paul’s wall? And also the option “see wall-to-wall?”

Hours of reading past conversations, what they did at the club that night or how someone waited hours in front of the coffee shop. Now we have the option “see friendship.” But this only works if you have both people as friends.

And now we must admit that it is not that fun, cause no one writes about their wild night on their wall. Yeah, it got pretty dull.

4. The Sillier the Picture, the More Likely It Would End Up on Facebook

Before you could look how everyone looked at different situations. Every time someone went out, there would have been an album named “Saturday Night Fever,” or “Wild, Young and Free” with 130 photos of different degrees of quality.

You could see people at their grossest, and how they really looked like. Now, people post only one photo of their night out. And yes, everybody looks perfect thanks to different filters and applications.

5. We Would Spend Hours Looking at Old Photos

Everyone was looking through old pictures, although no one talked about it. Now you can only look at photos if you are friends with that person you want to stalk. Also, a lot of people hid all albums or photos, and they use the option “only me.”

But it seems that we will have to stop doing that since we don’t want to appear in that grid.


Our ex shouldn’t know that we still go through their profile. No one wants that. And now we will need to stop doing that. OK, no more stalking so you don’t appear on that grid. Maybe this is better since there is no point to that.

This is good since the less you know, the better. So, what are you waiting for? Go to your profile and find out who stalks your profile.

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