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Melaleuca Treats Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne

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Tea tree oil, or Melaleuca, is derived from the leaves of the tea tree, native to Australia. There are over 300 tea trees species that naturally grow there.

It was named by the 18th-century sailors, who used the leaves to prepare tea with a smell similar to the one of nutmeg.

The aboriginal tribes have used the beneficial properties of the tea tree for centuries, especially in the treatment of skin conditions and cuts. They boiled the leaves and used the powerful antiseptic qualities of the tea to soothe wounds, skin infections, and cuts.

The extraction is done by steam distillation. The oil contains numerous healing compounds, and it has many health benefits.

However, you do not need to go to Australia to enjoy the benefits of the tea tree now, since it is available in the form of the tea tree oil. Moreover, it is commonly added to face soaps, ointments, skin care products, and shampoos.

This beneficial oil offers countless health benefits. Its topical use treats infections, acne, ringworm, scabies, lice, and athlete’s foot.

It relieves insect bites, burns, abrasions and cuts, boils, ear, nose, and mouth infections, toothaches,  earaches, vaginal infections, recurrent herpes labialis, and much more. Moreover, some people use it to treat bronchial congestions, coughs, and pulmonary inflammation.

Here are 9 ways in which you can use it:

1. Infections and Cuts

The potent antifungal and antibacterial properties of Melaleuca heal infections and cuts. Apply a few drops on the affected area, cover with a bandage, and leave it overnight.

2. Eczema and Psoriasis

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of this essential oil treat eczema and psoriasis. Mix 5 droplets of lavender oil, the same amount of tea tree oil, and a teaspoon of coconut oil, and apply the mixture to the affected area.

3. Toenail Fungus

Tea tree oil has strong antifungal effects that will help you treat toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

4. Acne

This oil will destroy bacteria and soothe inflammation. Mix a few drops with 2 tablespoons of honey, and apply the mixture on the affected area. Rub it gently, and rinse after a few minutes.

5. Natural Deodorant

Use the strong antimicrobial qualities of this oil, and use it to make your homemade, natural deodorant. Mix it with coconut oil and baking soda.

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