Studies Show Anxiety Disorders May Be Caused By Exposure To Narcissistic Abuse

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Physical, verbal, or emotional maltreatment lead to psychological wounds that feel impossible to heal afterward in life.

Abuse survivors usually live an everyday life full of negativity and trauma that last for a long, long time after the end of the abuse. They find it even harder to start living a new life, and enjoy the peace and joy.

Victims of abuse often suffer from anxiety, distressing memories, trust issues, and blocks to intimacy.

Any form of mental and emotional abuse leaves long-term effects on the emotional and mental health, and in case this trauma is experienced during childhood, it causes serious consequences later in life.

Newest psychological research shows that the root cause of anxiety is, in fact, narcissistic abuse. Psychologists maintain that it is normal to dissociate as a result of emotional abuse, which leads to anxiety disorders.

The victims of narcissists are always persuaded that it is their fault, no matter what happens. Their most common preys are empathetic and passionate people.

The Mayo Clinic compiled a list of the most common anxiety disorders, as follows:

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