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The Art of Stretching: Lower Your Risk of Pain and Injury with These 20+ Stretching Exercises

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Stretching is an excellent way to boost the alertness and flexibility of the body, and soothe pain due to injuries and various conditions.

Yet, it is of high importance to stretch in the right way, in order to prevent injuries, and deliver the desired effects. Here is how to stretch in order to strengthen and tone the body, and reduce the risk of pain:

  • Head

Lateral side flexion of the neck

To stretch the Sternocleidomastoid “SCM”, sit on the chair, and clutch the bottom of the seat.

Lateral side flexion of the neck with hand assistance (image 7)

Sit and grab the bottom of the seat for an even deeper stretch.

Neck extension stretch (image 9)

You should be careful not to collapse the cervical spine.

Neck rotation stretch (image 8)

For an even deeper stretch, use the opposite hand to add pressure.

  • Upper Body

Lateral shoulder stretch (Image 13)

This stretch targets the side deltoid.

Forearm extensor stretch

To boost the stretch, touch the tips of your fingers in a teacup shape.

Standing assisted neck flexion stretch (Image 14)

This stretch targets the trapezius muscle.

Lat stretch at the wall (image 16)

It stretches the Latissimus dorsi, but do not perform it in the case of lower back problems.

Lat stretch with spinal traction (image 15)

It stretches the latissimus dorsi, but avoid it in the case of shoulder pain or injury

Child’s pose

It targets the Latissimus dorsi.

Lateral flexion with a dowel (Image 27)

It stretches the external obliques and latissimus dorsi, but avoid it if you suffer from lower back pain.

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