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Baby Horse Refuses To Leave Mom’s Side. Rescuers Realize They Have To Act Fast

Wild animals fend for themselves pretty well, but sometimes, they get themselves into scrapes and need a little assistance from others. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – or RSPCA – are often called to the scene when an animal needs help, but it can be a tricky process as most wild creatures can be frightened of humans or act unpredictably.


When this horse got her hoof tangled up in her mane, she was unable to stand at all. It was looking pretty bad for her and her baby foal, who stayed by her side as she struggled, clearly very worried and nervous.

The RSPCA rushed to the scene to free her from her mane. As they did so, the foal ran off, scared of the presence of humans, but made sure to keep a close distance, circling around its Mom to keep an eye on her.


RSPCA was able to cut off the bits of her mane that had tangled her, and the horse slowly began to understand that the people were there to help. Even the foal began to calm down and approached carefully, once more returning faithfully to its Mom’s side. But the Mommy horse was still having trouble standing due to her leg having been stuck in that position for so long.

It took patient waiting, with the RSPCA crew nearby to make sure things were fine, but finally, the horse regained the strength she needed to get up and walk again. Together, she and her baby trotted off into the distance, grateful and glad to be free. Share away, people.

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