Dad Borrows Ex-Wife's Phone, When He Sees The App He Immediately Calls The Police

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Kik Messenger (just Kik for short) is a freeware messaging app available from the Canadian company Kik Interactive.

According to Wikipedia, using Kik, you can use your phone to send and receive messages, sketches, videos, mobile web pages, and photos.

In May 2016, Kik had around 300 million registered users. A 29-year-old mother, Jerrica Lackey, from Florida was using it in a very disturbing way.

Lackey's ex-husband came over to pick up their 1-year-old daughter and picked up Lackey's phone to make a quick call. When he saw the Kik icon on the screen, he grew suspicious (Kik has a reputation of being used for child exploitation).

He opened the app and found nude photos and videos of his daughter that showed Lackey was sexually abusing the baby girl. Lackey had been using the app to send the filthy photos to her boyfriend.


According to KTUL, Lackey was charged with five counts of sexual abuse of a child and is being held on $250,000 bond in a Tulsa County Jail.

Lackey's neighbor, Tymprance Melton couldn't believe that Lackey could do such a thing to her own child. The FBI has gotten involved because the photos traveled across state lines.

Affidavits revealed that Lackey and her boyfriend would use both FaceTime and Kik to communicate.

Lackey would send photos and videos of her molesting her daughter "β€œ sometimes with objects.

The last video that had been posted was the same day that the father found the phone. Share away, people.

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