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Everyone Was Caught Off Guard When Two Pit Bulls Wandered Into The Hospital

What would you do if you saw two pit bulls strolling casually into a hospital and wandering around confidently like they knew exactly where they were going? For the staff at St. Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital, “surprised” would be an understatement! Surveillance camera footage showed the two pups walking into the lobby of the hospital’s Anderson’s Medical Office Building, catching everyone in the area off guard. The friendly dogs looked around curiously before deciding to head to the pharmacy. The pharmacist on duty was definitely shocked to see two canine companions waiting for their turn in front of her counter in the HomeStar Pharmacy. Knowing that these pups must have gotten lost as they didn’t seem like strays, security arrived to take the dogs with them until the police could arrive to hold them. They enjoyed some water to drink and plenty of pets from staff before they were removed from the area by police.

The two pooches turned out to belong to a woman named Kathy Tamasi, and they had escaped from their home earlier in the day. Luckily, they came to the right place to get help, and they are now reunited with their owner and are resting after their fun hospital adventure!

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