Man Eats Lunch With Homeless Woman Every Day, Then Her Confession Changes Everything

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Every day for a week, 25-year-old personal trainer and sales account executive Greg Smith walked by a homeless woman named Amy Jo. Greg was used to being asked for money, as he wore a suit when walking to work, but Amy Jo never asked him for anything. Instead, every day, she’d smile and say “Good morning Sir, have a great day. God bless!” as he passed by.

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One day, a curious Greg decided to sit down with her and get to know her. As they talked, he learned more about her and how rough her life had been.

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But she was so incredibly positive about her experiences that Greg couldn’t help being impressed. Her personality stuck with Greg, and their weekly meetings turned into lunch every Tuesday.

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Then one day, Amy Jo revealed a shocking truth. She was on the street because she didn’t know how to read. Without that ability, which no one had been around to teach her, finding a job was impossible.

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